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Why Do My Parameters Appear In Red Or With Empty Text Boxes And Why Can't I Edit Them? - CX-Motion version 1.0

There are several possible explanations for this.
  • 1) The relevant database file is missing or corrupt, CX-MXX.mdb, where XX is the two letter language code below;

    GB English language
    JP Japanese language
    FR French language
    DE German language
    IT Italian language
    ES Spanish language
    Please re-install CX-Motion in this case, ensuring that you select the correct language options (European version only).

  • 2) There is a problem with international/local settings in CX-Motion V1.

The characters used to represent a decimal separator or an addition sign (plus) etc. can be changed under the Windows(tm) operating systems. CX-Motion only works with English settings or equivalent (i.e. English, US, etc.). This means "." (dot) for decimal separator, "+" for addition etc. This is being addressed in version 2. For the time being the user must select the British (English) or equivalent setting.



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Created 2008-10-24
Modified 2009-04-30
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