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Why Won't The Controller Link NSB Start? - CX-Programmer

Syswin / CX-Programmer Controller Link NSB Conflict Using the Network Configuration Tool to open the Finsgateway Service Control Manager and start the Controller Link NSB results in the NSB starting momentarily, and then stopping. (All parameters and settings have been checked-out OK).

Syswin (vn.n) is/has been installed on the PC, along with the virtual windows driver for the CLK NSB.

Syswin requires a device driver to be installed in the ‘System.ini’ file within the ‘Windows’ directory. This ‘virtual’ driver takes control of the NSB at boot-up, and hence the Finsgateway SCM can do nothing.

This driver needs to be “remarked out”.
Using Explorer, open \Windows\System.ini.
Under the section [386Enh] find the line device = vclkd.386
Place an asterisk (*) before vclkd thus, device = *vclkd.386
Save the file and reboot the system.
NSB will now start from the Service Control Manager.



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Created 2008-10-23
Modified 2009-05-01
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