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OMRON & Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications system intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed electronic devices. The key features of Bluetooth wireless technology are robustness, low power, and low cost. Many features of the core specification are optional, allowing product differentiation.

The operating range depends on the device class:
Class 3 radios – have a range of up to  1 meter
Class 2 radios – most commonly found in mobile devices – have a range of  10 meters
Class 1 radios – used primarily in industrial use cases – have a range of  100 meters

Bluetooth technology is an ad hoc technology that requires no fixed infrastructure and is simple to install and set up. You don’t need wires to get connected. The process for a new user is easy – you get a Bluetooth branded product, check the profiles available and connect it to another Bluetooth device with the same profiles. The subsequent PIN code process is as easy as when you identify yourself at the ATM machine. When out-and-about, you carry your personal area network (PAN) with you and can even connect to others. From the start, Bluetooth technology was designed with security needs in mind. Since it is globally available in the open. GHz ISM band, robustness was built in from the beginning. With adaptive frequency hopping (AFH), the signal “hops” and thus limits interference from other signals. Further, Bluetooth technology has built-in security such as bit encryption and PIN code authentication. When Bluetooth products identify themselves, they use the PIN code the first time they connect. Once connected, always securely connected.


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