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What Is New In CX-One 1.1?

Here is the description of the CX One 1.1 content :
The version of Support Software included in CX-One in this version is as follows.
      CX-Programmer: Ver.6.11
      CX-Integrator: Ver.1.11
      CX-Simulator : Ver.1.60
      CX-Designer  : Ver.1.00
      CX-Motion    : Ver.2.22
      CX-Motion-NCF: Ver.1.30
      CX-Motion-MCH: Ver.1.00
      CX-Drive       : Ver.1.11
      CX-Position  : Ver.2.20
      CX-Protocol  : Ver.1.60
      CX-Process Tool: Ver.5.00
      Face Plate Auto-Builder for NS: Ver.2.01
      CX-Thermo    : Ver.2.01
      CX-Profibus   :Ver.1.01
      CX-FLnet      :Ver.1.00
      Switch Box   : Ver.1.61
      CX-Server    : Ver.2.41

1.HMI Tool NS-Designer was greatly enhanced, and it was rereleased as CX-Designer.
  -The symbol tables used in the CX-Programmer can be imported into the CX-Designer,
 eliminating the need to type addresses twice.
  -Screens can be easily reused between projects: simply drag and drop them.

2.CX-Programmer supports FB protection and ST simulation debugging to greatly improve
design and debugging functions.
  -Setting passwords for function block definitions used in project files enables protection
appropriate for the application to provide protection against disclosing programming know-how, unintentional changes, or tampering.
  -Simulations can be performed for ladder programming or ST programming in a function
block, and Ladder, FB, and ST programming can be seamlessly debugged.
3.CX-Integrator has enhanced network functions including direct ethernet connections for
improved support for startup work.
  -A connection can be made directly to a PLC on the ethernet through the computer's Ethernet port.
  -Support is provided for transferring and verifying network configurations on the Ethernet.
4.New tools have been added.
  -CX-Motion-MCH :For motion control. Motion programming can be edited visually.
  -CX-Drive :Sets Parameters for Inverters and Servos, Performs Test Runs, and Executes
 Trace Monitoring.
  -CX-Process Tool :Newly supported functions for Loop Controllers include pseudo-inputs, tight
shot function, location-free of block diagrams, and sequence table references.
  -CX-Profibus :Configuration software package that provides communications configuration
for OMRON PROFIBUS masters.
  -CX-FLnet :Supports setup and monitoring FL-net Units.
5.New hardware support
  -NSJ series :Support is provided for NSJ Controllers, which incorporate an HMI and
Programmable Controller.
  -NSH5 series :Support is provided for the NSH Series of Hand-held Programmable
Terminals, which are compliant with most safety standards.
  -FQM1 series :Support is provided for the improved series of FQM1 Flexible Motion Controllers.

6.Support Languages:
  English and Japanese
  (For CX-Programmer in CX-One: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italy, and Chinese(simplified and traditional))
  (For CX-Integrator in CX-One: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italy, and Chinese(simplified))
  (For CX-Motion and CX-Drive in CX-One: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Italy)
  (For CX-Profibus in CX-One: English only)




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