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Daylight Saving Example For Sysmac Controller

Function Block Sample
Name DayLight Saving library collection for Sysmac CPU
Basic Function DayLight Saving
File Name DayLight Saving.slr
Applicable models CPU Unit Sysmac CPU (NJ/NX)
Software Sysmac Studio V1.40 or higher
Function Description

A Library containing Functions (F) and Function Blocks (FB) for the support of DayLight Saving (DLS) in Sysmac CPU’s. This Library allows the current Sysmac CPU System Date & Time to be used to create a local time that includes DayLight Saving output Date & Time.

The Sysmac CPU’s provide a Real Time Clock (RTC) with the ability to offset the internal time (GMT or UTC+0) with a Time Zone offset.

However, this does not account for DayLight Saving requirements in individual countries and states. The set of tools in this Library will allow DayLight Saving to be derived and, if necessary, when setting the System Time to UTC+0 (GMT), a Time Zone & DayLight Saving can be applied.

Kind of FB definition

Both Function Block (FB) which stores information from scan to scan (i.e. an instance is required in user program) and

Function (F) which does not store information after the Function has run in user progam.

FB Precautions Suggested to use in non-primary Sysmac Task (i.e. low priority) 
Application Example  
Related Manuals  See attached pdf User's manual for more detail.
  • Further Information 

For more detailed information please refer to the "DayLight Saving.pdf" User's manual.

The Library "DayLight Saving.slr" should be saved to the C:\OMRON\Data\Lib folder. 

An example Sysmac Studio project "DayLight Saving Sample.csm2" is provided showing use of each variant of the FB/F. Please use the Sysmac Studio 'import' option to open.


  • Revision History


Version Date Contents
1.03 09 June 2023 Library code display enabled to allow 'open' access to code. FB & F minor revisions updated.
No code changes. Documentation update to reflect minor modifications.
1.02 20 April 2022 Released. Minor documentation update. Files added to zip file for compactness and filename persistence.



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