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Release Notes For CX-Supervisor

What is improved?
CX-Supervisor is released which includes the following changes:
  • The Data Log Viewer 'Graph Time Range' combo now includes a 'By File' option to allow all data for the selected file to be displayed within the visible graph area.
  • The Data Log Viewer 'Graph Time Range' combo now includes a 'Full Plot' option which displays all the data from all files currently loaded into memory
  • The Data Log Viewer 'Graph Settings' dialog now contains an 'AutoScale' option, which allows auto-scaling to be switched on and off
  • The email system now has a retry mechanism, before logging a failure message, with improved system messages
  • Maximum Tag Data Link connections increased from 384 to 1,536 connections
  • Both Developer and Runtime applications now support software licence Activation
  • CX-Supervisor 4.2 projects can now be targeted at CX-Supervisor 4.1 runtime
  • CX-Supervisor now includes CX-Server
  • CX-Supervisor now includes SYSMAC Gateway 1.80
  • Windows 11 supported (Note: Windows 7 is no longer supported in CX-Supervisor 4.2)
  • Note: CX-Supervisor v2.0/v2.1 projects are not supported in CX-Supervisor 4.2.
Upgrades are freely available to customers that have purchased versions 4.0 or 4.1 within the last 12 months and registered their software. European customers can download latest software updates from the Software Download Centre. If you have any problems upgrading or have questions please contact your local OMRON sales office or raise a support ticket.


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Created 2022-01-25
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