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Release Notes For CX-Supervisor 3.5.1

What is improved?
CX-Supervisor 3.5.1 is released which includes the following changes:
  • Fixes problems where Undo causes error 'incorrect file handle'
  • Resolves problems with Full Screen (maximise mode) leaving border visible on Win10 (1803)
  • Fixes problem with runtime crash while swapping pages in some circumstances
  • Fix crash in Developer when using invalid bitmap
  • Fix crash in Developer on exit in some circumstances
  • Prevent crash clicking [Clear] on Analog Colour change animation
  • Prevent runtime hang on splash screen running on NY 
  • Aborting Recipe Transfer no longer writes "0" to ingredient values
  • Resolve SYSMAC Gateway OnDisplay points not subscribed after a reconnection
  • Improve performance of initialisation of SYSMAC Gateway devices
  • Improve performance of Developer when Grid is on
  • Add new Errors/Warnings when a subscription cannot be added
  • Fix security vulnerability crash with corrupted project  
  • Now ships latest TeamViewer client (ICSA-19-318-04)
  • The 'Translation Tool Setup' installer now installs on Windows 10
  • Fix problem entering Real values greater than 4000000000
  • Prevent Point name "On" as conflicts with VBScript Keyword
  • Add SetupCOMPort method to VBScript
  • Now list languages in combobox when adding a new language in the Translation Tool
  • Force Developer to use .pag page file extension
  • Make Advanced PLC setting modal
  • Fix problem with Visibility animation on Clean style Gauge
  • Changed error message "Failed to initialise Point..." from "tag"
  • Remove incorrect reporting of "Failed to subscribe tag" messages for On Display points
  • Solid Text Block objects now imported correctly
  • Trend background colour now imported correctly
  • When opening older projects in CX-Sup 3.5, digital colour animations now only animate the border and not the whole object
  • Windows User Management now working with domain users
  • Fix Point Editor Copy/Paste to Excel "range/default field is invalid" error
  • Using Target Settings "3.4 Machine Edition" now works correctly
  • Fix erroneous 'DDE Points' warnings that prevent Target settings change 
  • Fix problems where SGW Input and In-Out Points use Output transfer initialisation
  • Fix problem importing projects where SGW Point Data Type and properties change
  • Improved error reporting for SGW EIP errors
  • Correct OPC project file with correct TimeBias and LocaleID
  • Fix issue with Toggle button getting in stuck state using CX-Server comms
  • Improve installation of VC2015 redistributables when already partially installed
  • Fix memory leak in some database applications
  • Resolve where E5CN-C*** fails to connect
  • Correctly display Real data with only "#" format without decimal places
Upgrades are freely available to customers that have purchased versions 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5 within the last 12 months and registered their software. You can download latest software updates from the Software Download Centre. If you have any problems upgrading or have questions please contact your local Omron sales office or raise a support ticket.


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Created 2019-10-30
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