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Release Notes For CX-Supervisor 3.5

What is improved?
CX-Supervisor 3.5 is released which includes the following changes:
  • Added support for NX1P2 and NX102 devices
  • Upgraded to latest versions of CX-Server and SYSMAC Gateway 1.72
  • Improved cyber security by building with latest tools and libraries and ability to run with Standard user credentials
  • CX-Supervisor files are now protected against accidental or malicious changes. Any file that has been tampered with will no longer load into the Developer or Runtime applications
  • The 'JScript' functions have been deprecated and the menu options are no longer visible from the Script Editor
  • Installation onto a Windows XP Operating System is no longer supported 
  • Fixes to reported issues where programs might terminate abnormally when loading corrupted files.  Reported issues ICSA-19-017-01, CVE-2018-19011, CVE-2018-19013,CVE-2018-19015,CVE-2018-19017,CVE-2018-19019
Upgrades are freely available to customers that have purchased versions 3.3 or 3.4 within the last 12 months and registered their software. You can download latest software updates from the Software Download Centre. If you have any problems upgrading or have questions please contact your local Omron sales office or raise a support ticket.


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