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How To Send Emails From CX-Supervisor With Gmail

CX-Supervisor's email functionality is designed to send emails using your own corporate internal email SMTP server, but you can also use it with Gmails SMTP server. This tutorial shows how to configure your Gmail account to do that.

1. First, log in to your Gmail account or register a new account for free
2. Google require increased security to send emails through their SMTP mail server. Enable the 2 factor authentication for your google account (see for instructions)
3. To connect to your account from CX-Supervisor Runtime, now create a unique Google App Password as described here
4. Now enter your details in CX-Supervisor.  In the Developer click Project menu->Runtime Settings->Email Settings:

  • Server: To use the Gmail SMTP server, always enter ""
  • User: Name of your Gmail account including the or Your emails will arrive "Sent From" this address
  • Password: Enter your 16 digit Google App Password created in step (3) above
    Other settings can remain at default values.

With these settings, now Alarms with email notifications and EmailText() and EmailReport() script functions will send emails through the Gmail SMTP server.

This email functionality requires CX-Supervisor version 4.0 or later


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Created 2018-12-04
Modified 2020-09-16
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