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Release Notes For CX-Supervisor 3.4.2

What is improved?
CX-Supervisor 3.4.2 is released which includes bug fixes from version 3.4.1 and also includes:
  • Ability to use 'Ctrl+F' to display 'Find' dialog (CXAS-022255)
  • Keyboard shortcut changes for Graphics Library and Alarm Editor
  • Web object shows some web pages incorrectly
  • Blink animation has a memory leak (16166-8415031339)
  • Blinking stops after page change
  • Colour Change animation not working with Blink (16528-5512060957)
  • Exception error adding colour change (analogue) animation into an alarm object (16206-6026031325)
  • Runtime window not resizable (16166-8415031339)
  • Screen size issues when using Minimise All and Maximise All (11204-2814051418)
  • Page border shows incorrectly
  • Crash when changing page in CX-Supervisor 3.4 (15859-6803011110)
  • .colour script not working with some parameters (16214-4928030803)
  • Update Manual for .colour syntax (16214-4928030803)
  • Invalid SGW tags prevent automatic reconnection
  • Page value not updating (15859-6803011110)
  • Fix for "Only Update Point Value When On Display" not working (16509-1307060830)
  • Projects create "Failed to initialise tag..." error
  • Runtime not working on XP (16587-2925061238)
  • Delay on startup and swapping pages (15480-6021091133)
  • Fixes to reported issues where Development program might terminate abnormally when loading corrupted project files (.SCS).  Reported issues ICSA-18-290-01, CVE-2018-17905, CVE-2018-17907, CVE-2018-17909, CVE-2018-17913.  
Upgrades are freely available to customers that have purchased versions 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4 within the last 12 months and registered their software. You can download latest software updates from the Software Download Centre. If you have any problems upgrading or have questions please contact your local Omron sales office or raise a support ticket.


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