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How To Update NY Industrial PC System API


Omron's NY IPC series includes installed API software, which allows other software access to NY system parameters. You can see your current API version and "IPC Product Version" on the "Product Information" screen of the "Industrial PC Support Utility" in the System Tray.
If you need to upgrade the "Industrial PC System API" package, it is updated as part of updating the "Industrial PC Support Utility" (known as ISU).

Update method

1. Download the latest ISU update package from our web page Industrial PC Platform Software downloads
    • For NYB and NYP models, without controller, choose "Industrial PC Support Utility" with "ISU_..." filename
    • For NY5 models with controller, choose "Industrial PC Support Utility (for IPC Machine Controller)" with "ISU_Hybrid..." filename
2. From Control Panel's “Apps & Features” ("Programs and Features" on Windows 7 systems) find and uninstall the following:
    • Industrial PC Support Utility
    • Industrial PC System API
3. Reboot, only if prompted to do so
4. Run the new ISU update package
5. Reboot, only if prompted to do so

The "Product Information" screen of the "Industrial PC Support Utility" will now show the updated "IPC Product Version". 


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