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How To Configure And Access CJ2 CPU Series FTP-server Using FTP-client FileZilla


This article will help you getting started establishing communication between a FTP-client such as FileZilla and FTP-server functionality within the CJ2 CPU series.

The FTP Basics

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The basic function of FTP is to transfer data to and from the server. FTP is useful for obtaining data files stored in OMRON products located in industrial environments.

Equipment Overview

The following equipment is required for using the FTP functionality:

  • FileZilla V3.28.0
  • CJ2 CPU series or equivalent controller
  1. FTP is supported in CJ Ethernet/IP Unit or built-in Ethernet/IP port with unit version 2.0 or later
  • OMRON HMC-EF*83 industrial grade Compact Flash card
It is highly recommended using the OMRON HMC-EF*83 industrial grade Compact Flash card. Consumer Compact Flash cards are less resistant against industrial environments. It may or may not function correctly.
How to configure FTP-server

This section describes how to configure the FTP-server in the CJ2 CPU series. Please follow the steps explained below for configuring the FTP-server.

1. Open CX-Programmer

2. Add a CJ2 CPU series controller

3. Open ‘IO Table and Unit Setup’

4. Open ‘CJ2M-EIP21’ window

5. Configure the CJ2 IP-address

6. Navigate to tab ‘FTP’

7. Configure the CJ2 FTP-server

8. Download the project file

9. Configuring the FTP-server is finished

How to configure FTP-client

This section describes how to configure the FTP-client FileZilla in Windows 10. Please follow the steps explained below for configuring the FTP-client.

1. Download and install FileZilla

2. Confirm if FileZilla is allowed through the Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall shall block FTP traffic depending on the settings.                                             

3. Confirm if the network adapter uses the same IP-address range as the CJ2 CPU

4. (Optional) Add the required IP-address range in the ‘advanced’ tab

5. Open FileZilla

6. Open ‘Settings’ located in ‘Edit’

7. Confirm if the transfer mode is set to ‘passive’

8. Enter the FTP-server IP-address and login credentials

 The port number is optional. The default FTP port is 21.                                                                           



9. Press ‘Quickconnect’ and the FTP-client attempts logging in on the FTP-server

10. FileZilla successfully connected to the CJ2 CPU series FTP-server

11. The OMRON HMC-EF*83 Compact Flash card is accessible in FileZilla



This article explained the basics about accessing the FTP-server in a CJ2 CPU using FileZilla. The described basics are categorized into: 

  • How to configure FTP-server
  • How to configure FTP-client

The details and references for this article were made at the time of Windows 10 Pro Creators Update, CX-Programmer V9.65 and FileZilla V3.28.0. Newer versions may operate and function differently. Contact your local Omron representative for more information.

The content in this article is based for local network usage. Contact your IT-department for support when applying FTP in complex network infrastructures.

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