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How to use NJ CPU & CJ1W-EIP21 Ethernet/IP Tag Datalink status set to 'User Defined Status Area'

Configuring 'User Defined Status Area' with NJ & CJ1W-EIP21
When using IP addresses with the last octet that is 64 or above (e.g., then it will not be possible to access status information about each EIP device – when using the CJ1W-EIP21 Status Area set to ‘default’.

This article (and attached full document) provides help in advising specific settings to use ‘User Defined Status Area’. Please make reference to manual (Ref W495 - CJ1W-EIP21 for NJ-series CPU Operation Manual) when using this article.

Once this setting has been selected, the status of up to 256 Tag DataLink connections can be mapped into the NJ CPU via a Global Variable.


Before the Global Variable can be created with the correct data type; the data type must be included in the project by registering it from the CPU backplane configuration from the CJ1W-EIP21 setup.

Now a variable can be defined using this data type.

Note - the variable must be set to Network Publish (as Input) as the CJ1W-EIP21 uses tag name to transfer the data.

Now the newly defined (and network published) variable can be selected in the Setup of the CJ1W-EIP21 

Once set, then information can then be used to verify current status of Slaves Tag Datalink Status in Sysmac Application program.


For full article, please see attached article for download.


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