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How To Connect To The NJ SD Card As A Network Drive

This article shows you how to configure a network drive on your PC to access the SD card in an NJ
Firstly, confirm the IP address of your NJ in Sysmac Studio and take a note of it for later (


Now, setup the FTP server in the configuration section of Sysmac Studio, and note the Username and Password for later (NJ & omron123):


Insert a suitable SD card into the NJ.

In windows, from the “My Computer” section of Windows Explorer, right click and select “Map Network Drive…”:


Ignore the “Drive:“ and “Folder:” fields, and click on the blue link at the bottom of the dialogue box:

The following dialogue will appear, simply click “Next”:

On the next dialogue, select “Choose a custom network location” and click “Next”:

Now enter FTP:// followed by the IP address of your NJ, followed by /MEMCARD1 as shown below for an NJ with IP address

MEMCARD1 is the network name given to the SD card in front of the NJ.

Now click “Next”.

On the next dialogue, leave all the settings as default, and click “Next”:

Now name your NJ, this will appear on your desktop and network drive list.

Then click “Next”.

To complete the setup, click “Next”:

On first connection, you will now be asked for your authentication details from earlier, the Username and Password for the FTP service on the NJ:

Enter your details, and make sure the “Save Password” is ticked to remember your details next time. You should then see the contents of your NJ SD card:

You can now directly open files by double clicking on them, as you would any network drive.

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Created 2016-07-08
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