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How To Setup SYSMAC Gateway Runtime


SYSMAC Gateway Runtime provides EthernetIP communication and is installed with CX-Compolet or CX-Supervisor. When you first install SYSMAC Gateway Runtime you must open the Console and ensure that it is configured to use the correct network adaptor. These settings are then retained when your computer is rebooted.

Launching the SYSMAC Gateway Console

On Windows 10, search for SYSMAC Gateway or click Start->OMRON->SYSMAC Gateway. A folder containing shortcuts will open, and you can double click the shortcut to launch SYSMAC Gateway Console.

There is an option in the console [ ] Resident in the Task tray. If you use this option then there is an icon in the Windows Task Tray (near the clock) where you can launch the SYSMAC Gateway Console quickly in future
Setting up SYSMAC Gateway Console

The default Port ID for EthernetIP communications is port 2. You must select your Ethernet adapter (and therefore the network IP address) to send and receive EthernetIP communications. If your PC changes its IP address or adapter settings, the Ethernet Port will need to be set again. This will be indicated if the Ethernet port is highlighted in red.

The Service status must also be "Start" and Port 2 status "Open" in order to send or receive communications.

To permit communication automatically after the computer has been rebooted, without the need to manually reconfigure using SYSMAC Gateway Console

  • Set the service Startup to "Auto"
  • Set the "Automatically open port at startup"
Testing Connections

You can test basic communications via SYSMAC Gateway from the Console by selecting 'Control Panel' and 'Communication Test'. Enter in the IP address of the device you wish to communicate with and press enter - success will be indicated by the model number of the controller being shown under Receive Data:

Firewall software can cause SYSMAC Gateway to function incorrectly for browsing for a device and communications with a device. When testing, it is best to turn off Firewall software. Once a successful connection is made, turn on your firewall.  If this prevents communication then check your firewall documentation

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