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Setting The Startup Page In The NA HMI


This article explains how to set up a starting page in NA HMI. If you want to learn more about pages in the NA, please read "Introduction To Pages On The NA" article.

Default Startup page

When a new NA HMI project is started, Sysmac Studio automatically creates a new blank page called "Page0".

By default, this page will be set up as a Startup page.

Changing Startup page

The Startup page can be changed in Multiview Explorer under "Configuration and Setup" -> "HMI settings". A Drop down list allows user to choose a new startup page.

  Note: Pop-up pages can not be configured as Startup pages.

A Startup page has to be selected otherwise Sysmac Studio will indicate an error:


Without a Startup page, the project will fail to build with the following error message:

  Note: If currently selected Startup page is deleted, it is necessary to select a new one, otherwise the Sysmac Studio project will not build successfully.
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