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What Is New With CX-One 2.02?

What Is Improved?

CX-Programmer V7.01/V7.00 -> V7.02 (Auto-update on Oct. 30th)
1) Ladder instr. with 2 identical arrayed AT settings is not correctly compiled.
2) Program upload with FB causes FB instance duplication stored in IO table

CX-Designer V2.00/2.01 -> V2.02 (Auto-update on Oct. 30th)
Specified SAP using CX-D V2 using Unit no. (<>0) causes wrong address.
(Happens with NC/MCH when more than 2 address range : DM + CIO)

SAP added for CompoNet (Auto-update on Oct. 30th)
CX-Motion V2.24 -> V2.25
1) MCSS file cannot be imported
2) Data icon (Project tree) cannot be moved by Drag&Drop
3) Partial upload cannot be done
CX-Motion MCH V2.00 -> V2.01
Data trace cannot be set for odd position data addresses.
CX-Server defect since V2.3 till V3.0 -> V3.01
CJ1H-CPU67H becomes CPU66H when Auto-online connected. UM capacity is reduced by half.
Nothing happens when online after specifying model.
CX-Integrator V2.01->V2.02
GRT1-CT1(-1) support
FBL added
FBL_G3ZA_E060831.EXE 060831 2006.09.01
FBL_CompoNet_E060919.EXE 060919 2006.09.15
NCF improved
FBL_NCF_E060830.EXE 060830 2006.09.01
CP1H improved
FBL_NCCP1H_E061010.EXE 061010 2006.10.11
CJ1M improved
FBL_NCCPU_E061010.EXE 061010 2006.10.11
CPS with 2006_09 autoupdate



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