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How To Connect NB HMI To The G9SP Safety Controller


This article is intended to explain how to connect a NB HMI to the G9SP Omron Safety Controller including an example NB-Designer project.

With the release of NB-Designer version 1.34; the NB HMI supports serial communication with the G9SP Safety Controller.

G9SP Communication Protocol

The NB HMI communicates with the G9SP via serial (RS-232) communication. In order to achieve serial communication between the two devices; it is required to use a CP1W-CIF01 option board on the G9SP Safety Controller.

In order to avoid communication issues (e.g. noise) please use a proper shielded cable such as the XW2Z-200T (2m) or XW2Z-500T (5m) cable
The baudrate affects the maximum cable length. For example, the maximum cable length for 9600 bps is 15 meter while the maximum cable length for 57k6 bps is 2,6 meter. Using a XW2Z-500T (5m) cable with a baudrate of 57k6 bps increases the chance for communication issues significantly. In order to avoid communication issues due to incorrect cable length and baudrate selection; please use the proper cable length or baudrate.
Communication Parameter Settings

The following (default) communication parameters should be used for the NB in order to communicate with the G9SP:

Supported Registers

The following registers are supported:

Additional Information

- Please use the following link to download the latest G9SP manuals.

- The attached .zip file contains an example NB-Designer project for the G9SP Safety Controller

Note: the NB-Designer example project has been compiled in NB-D version 1.34.


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