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Creating Your First NA IAG


This article provides a quick step by step tutorial on how to create simple IAG collection. To learn more about IAG please refer to 'What Are NA IAGs?' article.

In this article we will create a simple IAG in just a few steps.

Creating IAG Collection (project)

To create an IAG collection start Sysmac Studio, click on New Project and select IAG Project from the list 

The new IAG collection (project) will be created.
Once Sysmac Studio has started the IAG Project, you will notice many things that are familiar if you’ve already developed standard NA projects.


Creating Individual IAGs

To create individual IAG go to HMI section, right click on IAGs and select add followed by IAG.

This will open a new IAG window in which you can start to design your IAG like any standard new page in a standard NA HMI project.

Developing IAGs
Developing individual IAGs very similar to developing a standard NA HMI page with a few exceptions when navigating around the screens.


Right click on the IAG to:

• View Designer
• View Code
• View User Variables

Adding Objects To Your IAG

Now we have created an IAG, we need to some functionality to it.

1. Right click on the IAG and ‘View User Variables. From this view, create a Boolean variable ‘toggleVar’.
2. Go to the Designer View (Right click and ‘View Designer’ or Double click the IAG).
3. Drag and drop a ToggleButton and a BitLamp object on the page.
4. Using properties, link the two objects with togglevar
5. Resize the IAG to get rid of the extra space.
6. Your IAG should look like on the print screen below:

7. Build the project using Project|Build IAGs

Describing your IAG

You will notice few warnings in build window:


This notifies you that both your IAG Collection (project) and your IAG have not been described yet.
Although it is not obligatory to fill the following fields in, it is recommended to do so. Describing and categorising your IAG will help future IAG users to understand what a particular IAG does as well as identify and find it in toolbox once it is added to NA project. To learn more about this subject please read 'Introduction To Using IAGs' article.

To add detailed description to the IAG Collection (Project) got to ‘Configuration and Setup’ area of Multiview Explorer, and double click on IAG Collection Settings.

Fill in the empty fields as follows:


To add a detailed description to individual IAGs, go to IAG properties and fill the empty fields as follows:


If you filled in all the fields as shown on the previous print screens, the IAG should look like the screenshots below when added to the toolbox in a standard HMI project

When shown in IAG Collection Manager:


• When Shown in Toolbox:


• Once IAG dragged and dropped on the page, when accessing IAG properties
Finalising Your IAG Collection

If you now build the IAG Collection (project), there should be no errors or warnings.

Your IAG Collection (project) is now ready to be published.

To learn more about how to publish your IAG please read ‘How To Publish and Distribute Your IAG’ article.

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