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Introduction To Mapping Variables On The NA


All device variables need to be mapped (which creates an NA global variable linked to the device variable) to be used within the NA. This is similar to the IO variables in the NJ.
This article explains how to create mapping between NJ and NA variables within one Sysmac Studio project.
To learn more about how to create mapping between an NA and External devices, please read ‘Getting Started with NA External Devices’ article.

Internal Projects

Every NJ device existing within one Sysmac Studio project will be visible in Internal Projects section of ‘Device References’:



Mapping to controllers within the Project

The diagram below shows how Sysmac Studio maps/shares GLOBAL variables between different devices, within one Sysmac Studio project:


All GLOBAL variables created in the NJ within one Sysmac Studio project are accessible by the NA. They do not have to be defined as a network publish variable.
Note: external devices can only use published variables.

To map to NJ variables, use the ‘Variable mapping’ window in the ‘Configuration and Setup’ area:


When expanding the desired controller that is inside the overall project, all the variables will be listed. This includes the global variables (including user defined data types), as well as many system variables for that device.

To map to the variable, right click on the desired variable, ‘Create device variable’ action, will create NA variable automatically, and map it the NJ variable (Note: Multi select, multi auto create is supported.)

Once the variables are mapped, clicking on ‘Global Variables’ in the Data section you can see the complete list of NA global variables. Notice that the data types have automatically being mapped to the equivalent NA (.NET) data types.
To learn more about NJ to NA data types alignment please read 'Introduction To NA Data Types' article.



In addition:

- Mapping NJ variables to already existing NA variables is possible.
- Mapping NJ System variables is supported
- Mapping NA system variables to NJ variables is supported.

See Also:

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