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Introduction to the NA series HMI


The NA Series is totally integrated into the Sysmac platform. As such, Sysmac Studio includes all the configuration and programming for the NA Series. Being integtated brings a wealth of features and benefits to the user, accelerating development of the complete machine since the entire project is in one place.

This article shows how to start with your NA series device and how to create your first project, with useful links to more specific details. Manuals and datasheets can be downloaded from the NA Product page

Handling Projects

There are two main ways of using Sysmac Studio to program the NA Series:

  1. Creating a dedicated project for NA
  2. Adding an NA to an existing project (with the NJ controller for example)

To create a new project for the NA, simply select ‘HMI’ from the drop down list in the start-up window of Sysmac Studio and choose the relevant size:

To add an NA to an existing project, having opened the project select Insert | HMI and select the relevant screen size or right click and choose Add device.

When working in a project, it is possible to swap between the devices using the Multiview Explorer. When changing devices, all configuration/programming views are closed. This is intentional to prevent later confusion about which device this view is for and to prevent confusion when going online, but can only be online to one device at a time.

In the same way as a controller, even after an NA is added to a project it is possible to change the device type. Right click on the device icon and select ‘Change Device’.

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