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What Third Party/Multivendor DTMs Are Compliant And Known To Work With CX-ConfiguratorFDT?

"CX-ConfiguratorFDT" supports all DTMs that have passed Certification testing"

The FDT Group provides interoperability workshops and a strict Test and Certification system to ensure vendors DTMs are certified. See for more details. As of January 2010, there are over 106 certified DTMs supporting over 1,100 device types.

The most up to date list can be found at

Known DTM problems:



DTM version




1.0.0 (2007-06-12)

Does not support ProfiBus connection for configuration. Use GSD file and Service port with dedicated cable.

Phoenix Contact

FLS (SensorHub)

Does not provide any cyclic configuration so cannot share any data to PLC. Use GSD file to configure and select only "I/O 6 byte IO-Link-Master".


Option Card OPT-CD

10530 V001 Uses submodules. Contact vendor for update using a single module


Note: The Omron PROFINET IO Controller DTM does not support submodules so cannot be used with DTMs that implement device functionality in any submodule.


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