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Introduction To Using IAGs

This article shows how to add an IAG or collection of IAGs into your Sysmac Studio toolbox for use on your NA Series HMI.
For information on what an IAG is go to the 'What Are NA IAGs?' article. For more information on creating your own IAGs go to the articles 'Creating Your First NA IAG' and 'How To Publish And Distribute Your IAG' 
Adding an IAG Collection
IAGs are distributed in a collection on their own or as a group of IAGs in a collection. An IAG Collection with its IAGs becomes a toolbox item in Sysmac studio and To add an IAG Collection to the toolbox, you need to go to the top menu, select Project, then IAG Collections Manager:

You will be presented with the IAG Collections Manager dialog, if this machine has never had an IAG installed, this dialog will be empty. To add a new collection, press the + button at the bottom of this Dialog, to pop up the file browse dialog. Browse for a file with an IAG extension on your disk and Open it. You will have created this file when you made an IAG or will be been provided with it by someone else who did.

Once you have opened the IAG collection it will be installed on your PC. You will be shown the Collections Manager with the IAG Collection now added:

The IAG collection has already been added to the toolbox for the current project. If you want to remove it, you can uncheck the ‘Show In Toolbox’ Option. You will need to open the IAG Collections manager for every project where you want this IAG and choose to add it. By default no extra IAGs are in a project’s toolbox, this allows you to only show the IAGs you are interested in.

When you have finished with the IAG collections manager, just press the X on the top right of the window and you will see that your IAG has now been added to the Toolbox for your NA pages:

Using the IAG In Your Project

You can add the IAG to a page in exactly the same way as any other object in the toolbox.

Once added to a page, you must link any IAG variables with project global variables. To do this, you will need to view the properties for the new IAG object (right click , properties if the window is not already present).

You can modify objects inside an IAG by using page explorer, Choose View -> Page Explorer from the top menus. The IAG can be seen as all of its constituent parts inside page explorer, each object can be modified as needed for your project:


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