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How To Disable 'Auto Addressing' for the Cx1W-PRM21 Profibus Master In CX-ConfiguratorFDT


This article demonstrates how to disable the Auto Addressing functionality for the CJ1W- and CS1W-PRM21 Profibus Master in CX-ConfiguratorFDT.


CX-ConfiguratorFDT provides the possibility to manually allocate memory areas of slave devices. This article provides a simple explanation how to disable the auto addressing functionality in CX-ConfiguratorFDT.


Please read this chapter to understand how to achieve disabling the ‘Auto Addressing’ function in CX-ConfiguratorFDT.

Open CX-ConfiguratorFDT and ‘Open’ (or ‘Create’) a project.

Right click on ‘MyNetwork’ and select ‘Add’.

Select a master unit and press the ‘OK’ button.

Double click on the master unit and the following tab shall be opened:

Select Sub-tab ‘Master Setup’, disable ‘Auto Addressing‘ and save the settings.

Save and close the CX-ConfiguratorFDT project.

Once the project has been saved and closed; open the saved project and verify if the ‘Auto Addressing‘ functionality has been disabled. The ‘Auto Addressing’ function is disabled if the steps within this chapter have been followed.


In summary, the ‘Auto Addressing’ function is fully disabled when the project has been saved and CX-ConfiguratorFDT has been closed. Otherwise the function shall still be enabled when modifying the configuration.

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