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Why Do I Get The Message ODBC DriverError - 'The Query Is Not Updateable Because It Contains No Searchable columns to use as a hopeful key'?

When attempting to pass information to an Excel spreadsheet, it the following ODBC Driver Error can occur: ‘The query is not updateable because it contains no searchable columns to use as a hopeful key’.  The Excel ODBC driver cannot correctly interpret the data type of a column, if the column in the spreadsheet contains both text and numbers. 
If a spreadsheet has been set up with data directly inputted in Excel and an attempting to write new data to the spreadsheet from CX-Supervisor this error will occur.  This is because the ODBC Driver sees different formats in a column.

To overcome this set up the spreadsheet the data area definition to contain only the column headings (Insert | Name | Define…).

Another problem in this area has been that the format of the data can change from ‘Number’ to ‘Text’ (i.e. ‘333) formats in the cell of the spreadsheet.   The exact cause of this error is unknown, but can be resolved by clearing the cell formats (Edit | Clear | Formats) of the spreadsheet that will be receiving the data.

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Created 2008-10-21
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