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How To Go Online With CX-Programmer Using The SD1000 Bluetooth Adapter in Windows 7


This article explains how to connect CX-Programmer to a PLC using the SD1000 bluetooth adapter in Windows 7.


  • How to configure the SD1000 bluetooth adapter
  • How to connect the SD1000 to the Bluetooth adapter in Windows 7
  • How to configure CX-Programmer
  • References

How to configure the SD1000 bluetooth adapter

The SD1000 can be configured by using either a software configuration tool named 'ParaniWin' or via dip switches on the bluetooth adapter.

Software Tool

The software tool that can be used to configure the SD1000 is called 'ParaniWin'. The tool provides easy access to the bluetooth adapter via a pc or notebook using a serial port. The CS1W-CIF31 can be used to connect the bluetooth adapter with the pc or notebook if there are no serial port(s) available.

The default communication setting of the bluetooth adapter is 9600, 8, N, 1. The Baudrate, Parity and StopBit can be modified (shown in the illustration below) while the Data size cannot be modified and is 8 bit fixed.

The bluetooth adapter operation mode is by default set to mode 0. To allow any bluetooth device discover and connect to it, set the operation mode to 3.

Dip Switches

The illustration below provides an overview of all hardware switches / indicators on the SD1000.

The dip switches determine the baudrate of the connection with exception when all switches are set to 'off'. If the switches are set to 'off' the baudrate is determined by software configuration.

To change the operational mode of the bluetooth adapter without using the software tool; the pairing should be pressed and hold for two seconds. The mode led indicator will start flashing for three times with an interval of one second. The adapter is now discoverable by other bluetooth devices.

How to connect the SD1000 to the Bluetooth adapter in Windows 7

Please update the bluetooth adapter driver on the pc to the latest version before connecting to the SD1000.

The next steps describe how to connect to the SD1000 bluetooth adapter:

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a Bluetooth device.

Select ‘Add a device’; Windows will start searching for Bluetooth devices. Verify that the operation mode of the SD1000 is 3.

Add the SD1000.

Select 'Pair without using a code' unless a passcode is filled in ParaniWin.

After installing the drivers; the device is added in ‘Bluetooth Devices’.


Windows will assign COM ports for the Bluetooth adapter. The assigned COM ports can be found by double clicking on the SD1000 Bluetooth device.

Verify the COM port settings in the ‘Bluetooth Settings’ window of Windows 7 by selecting the 'COM Ports' tab.

How to configure CX-Programmer

This section is based on a CJ2M with a CP1W-CIF01 option board communication.

Connect the SD1000 bluetooth adapter to the CJ2M using the CP1W-CIF01 option board and a SD1000-CN511 cable. It is important to use the cable because the pin out of the SD1000 is different compared to the SD202 bluetooth adapter.

Before configuring the communication method of CX-Programmer the settings of the CP1W-CIF01 should be set else communication will fail between CX-Programmer and the CJ2M PLC. The Communication mode of the CP1W-CIF01 should be set to 'Toolbus' as shown in the illustration below.

After configuring the communication setting the communication method of CX-Programmer to the PLC can be set as shown in the illustration(s) below.

To use the bluetooth adapter for communication with CX-Programmer select the assigned COM port for the serial bluetooth COM port.

It is now possible to go online with the CJ2M using bluetooth. However, if it is not possible to setup communication between CX-Programmer and the PLC please connect and download the project into the PLC using USB connection.


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