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How To Update The NB Kernel And Root File System


This article explains how a kernel and root file system update can be done with NB Manager.

When downloading project from NB-Designer or transferring project from the USB disk to the NB Unit, if there is “Please update Kernel and Rootfs (NB-D v1.22 or later)” or “Please update Kernel and Rootfs in the NB-Designer” information displayed, it means user should update the NB Kernel and root file system.

For example an Update can be necessary for the use of the Pictbridge printing option. The printing function is available only after the kernel and file system of HMI is updated by the user with the NB-Designer of version 1.22 or later at first use.
See the NB Designer Operation Manual (V106), section 7 for detailed information about the Pictbridge option.

NB Manager is a tool managing the whole NB-Designer software, which includes 6 operates, i.e. Download Operate, Upload Operate, System Operate, Get Version, Decompile Operate and Pass through Communication.

Note: After the updates made to the kernel and root file system, the NB Unit will return to the factory settings, therefore be careful when perform this operation.
All of the data will be lost after the update. Upload / backup the software before updating the file system.


1. Connecting Method
2. Get Version
3. Switch setting
4. Update
5. Restart and download 

1. Connecting Methods

USB / Serial port / Network (Ethernet)

Start NB Manager, in the Communication Set field click on the ‘Set’ button. Communication type can be selected for USB, Serial Port or Network (Ethernet).
For the serial port fill in the Serial communication port and for the Network (Ethernet) the IP address and port number.


2. Get version

Select the ‘Get Version’ and click on the ‘Version Get’ button.
If communication is setup properly the present Kernel Version and Rootfs Version data is filled in. If ‘Get Version’ is used in ‘Download Mode’ the default communication settings are used for Serial. For Ethernet the IP address is displayed on the NB screen.


3. Switch Setting

Turn the dip switches located at the backside of NB Unit to ON (SW1) and to OFF (SW2) respectively before the update.


Restart / Power up the unit and it will presents itself in ‘Download Mode’.


4. Update

Select the System Operate tab, click in the Set Section Area and perform the updates of Kernel and root file system.


5. Restart and Download

Turn the dip switches located at the backside of NB Unit to OFF (SW1) and to OFF (SW2) and restart the NB.
Verify with NB Manager if the Kernel and Rootfs are updated.


Note: Before downloading data into the NB please compile (menu: “compile all”) all you’re NB screen project data created by previous version of NB-Designer again using this NB-Designer V1.23.


Programmable Terminals NB-Designer Operation Manual (Cat. No. V106)

NB-series Manuals (included in NB-designer)

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