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Why Do I Get The Error "Valid software protection not found. External communications have been disabled" when I start CX-Supervisor?

When CX-Supervisor can't start communications due to a dongle problem, the error message in the Error Log will be:
"Valid software protection not found. External communications have been disabled"

This error message will come up for the following reasons:


Cause Resolution
No Dongle inserted into machine Insert Valid CX-Supervisor Dongle into the PC
Dongle driver not installed/working - no light in dongle

Using command prompt, navigate to the CX-Supervisor folder: C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-Supervisor\

type "haspdinst -install"

When driver is working there is a light inside the dongle.

Dongle is machine edition and project is built as PLUS in developer

Check the markings on the side of the Dongle - If it says ME then you need to build runtime in Machine Edition. 

In CX-Supervisor Developer, go to Project->Runtime Settings->Target Settings and ensure project is Machine Edition.

Dongle is not CX-Supervisor Dongle - could be NS Runtime. Markings on side of dongle should show CX-SUPER followed by type and version, other dongles will not work. You must locate CX-Supervisor dongle. 
Dongle is v1.3 dongle Old v1.3 CX-Supervisor dongles have no markings on the Side and will not work with v2 or greater. You must use the correct dongle for your version of CX-Supervisor.



  •  Advanced method to uninstall Windows driver if necessary: 
    1. Open Device Manager
    2. Find the 3 HASP devices under USB devices
    3. Select "Uninstall Driver", and be sure to select option "Remove drive files"
  • Advanced method of uninstalling HASP driver:  use command line haspdinst.exe -kp -r -fr -v -purge
  • Advanced method of reinstalling HASP driver:  use command line haspdinst.exe -i -fi -kp -fss
  • For diagnostics, use your web browser to open http://localhost:1947 



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