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NB With CP1L Through COM1/RS232(Host Link)


This article is related to the article NB HMI and Connecting Peripheral Devices and explains how connection can be established with a CP1L and a CP1W-CIF01 using Host Link (RS232C).



1. Connecting Method
2. Wiring diagram
3. HMI Attribute settings
4. PLC Attribute and PLC settings
5. Example program


1. Connecting Methods

Host Link (RS232C)
NB with CP1L through COM1/RS232 (Host Link)

Start NB-designer, create a new program, drag and drop the NB and the CP1L on the “Project Structure Window”. Connect with the Serial connection line the CP1L to the COM1 port of the NB.


2. Wiring diagram

NB pin 2 (SD) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 3 (RD)
NB pin 3 (RD) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 2 (SD)
NB pin 9 (SG) to CP1L (CP1W-CIF01) pin 9 (SG)
CP1W-CIF01 Bridge between pin 4 (RS) and pin 5 (CS)

(Default cable: XW2Z-200T or XW2Z-500T)

In order to avoid malfunctions caused by interferences, shield the cables properly.


3. HMI Attribute settings

Double click on the NB in the “Project Structure Window” to open the HMI Attribute.
Select the ‘COM1 Settings’ tab and set the Host Link Communication settings to Type (RS232), Baud Rate (115200), Data Bit (7), Parity Check (Even) and Stop Bit to (2).


4. PLC Attribute and PLC settings

Double click on the CP1 in the “Project Structure Window” to open the PLC Attribute.
Set the Station No. to (0) in the PLC tab.

Start CX-Programmer, create a new program and select a CP1L. Open the Settings properties. Select the Serial Port 1 or Port 2 tab where CP1W-CIF01 is mounted.
Set the communication Settings to Custom, Baud (115200), Format (7,2,E), Mode (Host Link) and Unit Number to (0).

Save, compile and download the NB program and CX-Programmer settings to the units and restart both.


5. Example program

Attached file:

Example program for a NB7W-TW00B with a CP1L(PLC0) screen for Read/Write data to the CP1L through Host Link (RS232C) and a NB Setup screen to Adjust settings like Date, Time, Buzzer, Screen Saver, Brightness adjust and Calibrate screen.

For the CP1L-M there is a CX-Programmer file with the Communication settings for Serial Port 1.


CP1L Operation Manual (Cat. No. W462)

Programmable Terminals Host Connection Manual (Cat. No. V108)
Programmable Terminals NB-Designer Operation Manual (Cat. No. V106)
Programmable Terminals Setup Manual (Cat. No. V107)
Programmable Terminals Startup Guide Manual (Cat. No. V109)

NB-series Manuals (included in NB-designer)

Program versions: NB-Designer version 1.23 and CX-Programmer version 9.4


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