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How Do I Connect To The CX-Supervisor Audit Trail In My Application?

CX-Supervisor allows generation of a password protected audit trail, this can be saved in Microsoft Access format or to an SQL database.
It is possible to read this database and display it in CX-Supervisor using the standard database functionality. For SQL based databases the usual File DSN must be created to include the security details for your particular database. Microsoft Access databases require use of a special security file which is created in your CX-Supervisor Application folder to connect to the database.
In version 3.0 and 3.1 the audit trail was written by default to a Microsoft Access MDB file. The connection string for this format is in the user manual and should be as follows:
Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};
You need to insert appropriate path and file names. 
From version 3.2 the output format changed to use the accdb file format, the connection string for this is now:
Data Source=C:\myapplicationfolder\AuditTrail\myapplication_20101008_1.accdb;
Jet OLEDB:System database=C:\myapplicationfolde\myapplication_Audit.mdw;
User ID=Guest;

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