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CelciuX EJ1N-HFU-ETN" As Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU Gateway For NJ And Clients Such As MX2

This article describes the Modbus-TCP communication between Omron Sysmac PLC NJ and the Omron CelciuX Ethernet gateway module.


The CelciuX Ethernet-TCP gateway (EJ1N-HFU-ETN) can be used either with CelciuX temperature units or as a gateway for Modbus-RTU devices or even for both.

Up to 247 pcs. of MX2 inverters can be controlled using CelciuX EJ1N-HFU-ETN as gateway (not realtime).

> HowTo_ModbusTCP_CelciuX_NJ.pdf explains the topic
> ModbusTCP_Client_CelciuX.smc shows the function blocks for SYSMAC NJ controllers (Sysmac Studio)
> NS8_ModbusTCP_CelciuX_MX2_121003_pk.IPP can handle the function blocks of NJ (CX-Designer)
> 120621pk.cth for CX-Thermo
> MX2_ModbusRTU_Node247_120531pk.sdd for CX-Drive


120621pk.cth - Size: 389347

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Created 2012-10-04
Modified 2014-07-01
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