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EthernetIP SEND & RECV FB's using CIP (Not FINS)

A pair of Function Blocks (FB) that allow sending (CipSendPlcMemory) and receiving (CipRecvPlcMemory) of blocks of data between CJ1/CJ2 and CS1 PLC's using Cx1W-EIP21 (V1, V2 or V3) EthernetIP units.
These FB's operate in a very similar fashion to the inbuilt PLC functions SEND and RECV that transfer blocks of data between OMRON PLC's.  However the FB's attached here use Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) protocol to transfer data rather than FINS protocol (OMRON standard open protocol).  This means that no FINS addressing (Network, Node & Unit) need be defined.  To SEND or RECV data using CIP, only the IP address of the remote PLC is required.
These are useful if ...
1) Subnet mask is not Class C ( - making FINS Node to IP Address conversion tables necessary
2) More than 32 PLC's are required in FINS Node to IP Address conversion table.
3) PLC's are on different subnets.
4) Only IP address is required to define an end point.
Please note that whilst there is no maximum size to read and write, data concurrency can not be guaranteed past 100 words (as multiple blocks are requested past this size).
See attached PDF help documents for more information and usage.
Applicable units
The FB's can only be used with Ethernet/IP units (EIP). At time of writing this refers to:
  • CS1W-EIP21 (V1, V2 & V3)
  • CJ1W-EIP21 (V1, V2 & V3)
  • CJ2H-CPU6x-EIP
  • CJ2M-CPU3x
These FB's will not work with ETNxx units or integrated CJ1M-CPUxx-ETN.
Please see sample code in file "EthernetIP CIP Send Recv Sample.cxp" for example usage. 
Function Block Library
Copy FB's and pdf documentation files (CipRecvPlcMemory.cxf, CipRecvPlcMemory.pdf, CipSendPlcMemory.cxf and CipSendPlcMemory.pdf) to your own FB library so they can be reused and also access the help function of Cx-Programmer.
The default OMRON Function Block library is "...\FBL" and can be modified using Cx-Programmer "Tools | Options" and "General" tab to select an alternative location. 


CipSendPlcMemory.pdf - Size: 94287
CipRecvPlcMemory.pdf - Size: 94359 - Size: 192211

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