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CP1L-EL/EM: Fn05 Force Single Coil(Modbus/TCP) Function Block


This article provides details for the use and application of the Fn05 Force Single Coil (Modbus/TCP) function block. Using this function block with the CP1L-E provides an easy means to control a single coil via Modbus.

This function block can be of particular use in PLC-based motion control applications often found in packaging machinery. To see a machine case study of a packaging application that uses Modbus and PLC-based motion control, visit the link below.


Fn05 Force Single Coil (Modbus / TCP)
Name Fn05_ForceSingleCoil: Fn05 Force Single Coil (Modbus / TCP)
Basic Function Request for Force One Coil
Originates from Tsunagi Lab Europe
Created by OEE-HQ HvB (creation and testing)
File Name Fn05_ForceSingleCoil.cxf
Applicable models CPU Unit CP1L-EL or CP1L-EM
CX-Programmer Version 9.40 or higher
Conditions for usage The following specifications can be used for FB Auto Allocation:
- CIO 0000 to 6143
- HR H000 to H511
- AR A448 to A959
- D00000 to D09999 for the CP1L-EL
- D00000 to D32767 for the CP1L-EM
Function Description Fn05 Force Single Coil Function Block Forces one Coil ON or OFF conform the variable coil address and value input.
Kind of FB definition Connect Always ON type
  Connect the EN input to the Always ON Flag (P_ON)
  The same instance cannot be used in two or more places
FB Precautions

Omron can not be held responsible in case of malfunction

EN input condition • Connect EN to condition for the FB to Work
• Fn05 send the Request for Force the Coil
• Socket Number 1 to 3
• Coil Address
• (ON/OFF) Value
  Input variables
• Socket Number 1 to 3
  Output variables • This FB requires multiple cycles to process.
• The status of the Outputs bits are Reset if the Fn05 bit is OFF.
Application example Fn05 Force Single Coil Function Block is designed for use with the other Function Blocks. For more more details on the use of this function block see also CP1L-EL/EM Modbus TCP Client Socket Services.
The Socket Number Output can be used for the Socket Number Input used by:

- Open_Socket
- Fn03_ReadRegister
- Fn04_ReadInputRegister
- Fn06_WiteRegister
- Close_Socket



Related manuals CP1L-EM/EL CPU Unit Manual (W516-E1)
  • Variable Table 

Input Variables

Name Variable name Data type Default Range Description
EN EN BOOL     1 (ON): Starts FB
0 (OFF): Does not start FB
Force coil Fn05 BOOL     Start request for Force Single Coil
Socket Number SocketNo UNIT   &1 to &3 &1 to &3
Coil Address Address WORD     Coil Address to Force ON or OFF
Value Value BOOL   0 or 1 0 (ON) / 1 (ON)

Output Variables

Name Variable name Data type Range Description
ENO (may be omitted) ENO BOOL   1 (ON): FB operating normally
0 (OFF): FB not operating normally
Done Done BOOL   Done
Error Error BOOL   Error
Error ID ErrorID UNIT   Error code:
TCP/UDP Error Codes
Ethernet Units Construction of Networks Operation Manual (W420)
7-3 Command/Response Reference FINS Error Codes Communications Commands Reference Manual (W342)
5-1-3 Error Codes CP1L-EL/EM CPU Unit Operation Manual (W516) 12-1 Troubleshooting

Revision History

Version Date Contents
1.00 21-Apr-2012 Original production


This manual is a reference that explains the function block functions. It does not explain the operational limitations of Units, components, or combinations of Units and components. Always read and understand the Operation Manuals for the system’s Units and other components before using them.



Fn05_ForceSingleCoil.pdf - Size: 162873

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