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How To Reset G5 ECT Error 40 "Absolute Encoder System Down" With Sysmac Studio

If a motor with an absolute encoder is used, the absolute value data in the absolute encoder is cleared when the Servo Drive is replaced, so needs to be setup again. The multi-rotation data will be different from before it was replaced, so initialising of the Motion Control Unit settings is required. Here are two ways to do it in Sysmac Studio.
Method 1: Resetting it manually:

Step 1: Go online with Sysmac Studio to your NJ-controller.

Step 2: Right click under Configurations and Setup ->EtherCAT on the Servo drive that has the Absolute Encoder motor connected and click Online.

Step 3: Right click again on the Servo drive and click on Absolute Encoder.

Step 4: The following warning will show:

Step 5: There are 2 buttons on the bottom of the next screen. Click first on the Multi-
Turn Data and Encoder Error Clear
button and then on Drive Current Error and Battery Alarm Clear button.

Step 6: After clicking on the Drive Current Error and Battery Alarm Clear button this 2 warning displays will be shown:

Step 7: Reset the Error through the Troubleshooting under Tools -> Troubleshooting

Method 2: Resetting it automatically:

You can write code to reset from the program. How it is activated (automatically or through an HMI button etc) is up to the programmer. This example will reset the Servo's encoder after power on.

Step 1: Make an Inline ST with this following code:

SdoObj.Index:=16#4102; //Reset the Encoder ABS

Step 2: Add code to call the Function Block EC_CoESDOWrite and put in the needed parameters, for example:

Step 3: Synchronize your project.


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