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CP1 Function Block For Reading SX Inverter Operation/Status Parameter Via RS485

SX inverter: View Operation/Status (700)
Name SX_OperationStatus
Basic Function CP1 Function Block for RS485 communication with a SX inverter.
Authors OEE-N RE, OEE-HQ HvB
File Name SX_OperationStatus.cxf
Applicable models CP1L-M, CP1H or CP1L-L 
Conditions for usage Communication with CP1W-CIF11 or CP1W-CIF12:
PLC port settings Custom (default SX): Baud 9600, format 8,1,N, Serial Gateway.
CIF settings: SW1=ON, SW2=ON, SW3=ON, SW4=OFF, SW5=ON, SW6=ON
Function Description Function Block with parameter Input for viewing all actual operational data, such as actual speed, Torque, Power, Current, Voltage, Frequency and Heat sink temperature.
FB Precautions The SX_OperationStatus function block is offered 'as is' and may serve as a basis for development. Users should previously test its adequacy to the final application.
Omron can not be held responsible in case of malfunction
EN input condition • Connect EN to condition for the FB to Work.
• Start Command send the Request command to the SX and Value output is presented 
   in Floating point format.
     Input variables
• CP1 Port number is 1 or 2
• CP1 Model is 0 (CP1L-M / CP1H) or 1 (CP1L-L)
• SX Inverter Node number 1-247
     Output variables • Parameter Output Value in Floating point format.
• Error flag for false Input Variable and Modbus Errors. Modbus Error code in hex.
SX Isolated RS232/485 Option board
Wiring CP1W-CIF11/CIF12                                SX-Terminal X1

         SDB+ ---------------------------------------- 2
         SDA-  ---------------------------------------- 3

  • Variable Table 

Input variables

Name Variable name Data type Default Range Description

1 (ON): Starts FB
0 (OFF): Does not start FB

Start Command SX_Status BOOL     Start Command
CP1 Port Number CP1_PortNo INT &1 &1 to &2 Specify the serial port number
CP1 Model CP1_Model INT &0 &0 to &1 CP1 Model:
CP1L-M or CP1H = 0
CP1L-L = 1
Inverter No. SX_NodeNo INT &1 &1 to &247 Specify the Node number of the SX
Parameter No. SX_ParNo INT   #0712 to #071A Parameter Input:

Speed (712)
Displays the actual shaft speed

Torque (713)
Displays the actual shaft torque

Shaft power (714)
Displays the actual shaft power

Electrical Power (715)
Displays the actual electrical output power

Current (716)
Displays the actual output current

Output Voltage (717)
Displays the actual output voltage

Frequency (718)
Displays the actual output frequency

DC Link Voltage (719)
Displays the actual DC link voltage

Heatsink Temp (71A)
Displays the actual Heatsink temperature

Output variables

Name Variable name Data type Default Range Description
(May be omitted.)

1 (ON): FB Operating normally
0 (OFF): FB not operating normally

Busy flag Busy BOOL      
Parameter Read Completed Done BOOL      
Parameter Value Done REAL      
Error flag Error BOOL      
Error code ErrorID WORD     Modbus Error Codes:
0x00:  Normal end Not an error.
0x01: Illegal address. The slave address
specified in the parameter is illegal (248 or
0x02: Illegal function code. The function code
specified in the parameter is illegal.
0x03: Data length overflow. There are more than
94 data bytes.
0x04: Serial communications mode error. The
Modbus-RTU Easy Master function was
executed when the serial communications
mode was not the Serial Gateway Mode.
0x80: Response timeout. A response was not
received from the Servo.
0x81: Parity error A parity error occurred.
0x82: Framing error A framing error occurred.
0x83: Overrun error An overrun error occurred.
0x84: CRC error A CRC error occurred.
0x85: Incorrect confirmation address. The slave
address in the response is difference from
the one in the request.
0x86: Incorrect confirmation function code. The
function code in the response is difference
from the one in the request.
0x87: Response size overflow. The response
frame is larger than the storage area (92
0x88: Exception response. An exception
response was received from the slave.
0x89: Service being executed. A service is
already being executed (reception traffic
0x8A: Execution canceled. Executing the service
has been canceled.
0x8F: Other error. Other FINS response code
was received.


  • Revision History


Version Date Contents
1.00 13-02-2012 First release




SX_OperationStatus.cxf - Size: 6049
SX_OperationStatus.pdf - Size: 101478

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