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Importing and Exporting With Sysmac Studio

Sysmac Studio offers several options for exporting and importing information when working with a project. The following article describes the function and purpose for these import/export options in Sysmac Studio 1.00 as well as offers additional information to aid the programmer in efficient project management and development. 

Programmers can import or export the following items:

  • An entire project file
  • Cam data settings
  • Cam tables
  • Data trace information
  • EtherCAT slave settings
  • Event logs

Project Files

A Sysmac Studio project file only exists after exporting is carried out. When "Save" is selected in Sysmac Studio, the project is saved within the software but is not yet a separate file until the Export function is carried out. Exporting a project file creates a new file on the PC with an SMC extension. This file can be used for purposes such as email, copying or backup. 

When the exported SMC file is to be opened, use the import procedure.


Cam Tables

The user can export data and settings of existing cam tables to a CSV file. 

Below is an example of exported Cam data and settings:

This exported CSV file can be edited and imported to create a other Cam Profiles:

Raw Cam Tables

The user can export cam data in the format of the master and slave axis (axes) that is used for positioning by the controller as a CSV file:


This CSV file contains actual position data and can be edited, for example with Microsoft Excel.  An example of an exported Cam Table is shown below (partial data). Two columns of data represent the master and slave positions:

The saved and/or edited files can be downloaded directly to the  controller, and any edited tables in the controller uploaded back to a CSV file using the "Transfer Cam Table" menu functions.

Data Trace Information

When simulation or online operation occurs, a data trace can provide valuable analysis of machine operation and behaviour. Specific variables and other data can be closely monitored and recorded for later review. The data trace provides the ability to export and import this data.


EtherCAT Slave Settings

When an EtherCAT slave is configured, it may be convenient to export these settings for easy addition of multiple similar slaves. When these slave settings are exported, all settings except for the device name and node address are saved (including the settings that are made in the EtherCAT Drive Tab Page). The export function creates an ETS file for reuse when importing other EtherCAT slave nodes.


Event Logs

Sysmac Studio or and NJ-series compatible NS-series PT can be used to export (save) event log information to a CSV file. In Sysmac Studio, find the Controller Event Log under Tools -> Troubleshooting when online or in simulation mode. 

More detailed information can be found in the Sysmac Studio Version 1 Operation Manual (Cat. No. W504)

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