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The EJ1-HFUB-ETN is a PROFINET To Modbus-RTU Gateway. The unit can be directly connected to the EJ1 (Celciux) product range but as there is a RS-485 connection available at the EJ1 End Unit any Modbus-RTU device can be connected.

In the GSDML file a couple of devices are already pre-defined but with the flexible modules any register in Modbus-RTU devices can be accessed.

This article (CJ2M base) explains how to set up the configuration of a CJ1W-PNT21 PROFINET IO Controller to connect to an EJ1N-HFU-ETN which in its turn has through RS485 a MX2 Inverter connected.

Program Versions; CX-ConfiguratorFDT Version 1.2, CX-Programmer Version 9.3, CX-Drive Version 2.6


List of Steps
  1. Configure the CJ1W-PNT21 and the EJ1N-HFU-ETN
  2. Wiring (Modbus)
  3. Set Parameters for the MX2
  4. CX-Programmer
  5. Attachments


 1. Configure the CJ1W-PNT21 and the EJ1N-HFU-ETN

Start CX-ConfiguratorFDT. Create a Project, Drag and Drop the CJ1W-PNT21. Configure the PLC Setup.


Install the GSDML file for the EJ1N-HFU-ETN. Drag and Drop the EJ1N-HFU-ETN into the Network.


In the EJ1N-HFU-ETN Configuration, Modules tab, select Unit Parameters. Set the Dataset to Parameter in the Submodule details section. In the Data field the Modbus Communication Parameters can be set.


Next step is to Add a new Module to the Group by Add Module and Select MX2 Inverter Drive flex. The Node number of the New Module is the Slot number. In the example the Slot number 1 corresponds to Modbus address 1. If the Slot number would be changed to for instance 5 then the MX2 Inverter should be set to Modbus address 5.


Standard are some Registers implemented. They can be changed in order, removed or added with new Sub Module to select the required Register.


In the CJ1W-PNT, Configuration, IO Device Setup Modify the Device Name into the Real Device Name.

Set the name of the EJ1_HFU-ETN through the PROFINET Identification - Network Scan. In the IO Device Configuration screen the exact Device Name and the IP address that the PROFINET IO Controller will set must be entered.

Do not forget the Apply button after changing settings.


In the CJ1W-PNT, Configuration, IO Device Area the CIO Area is filled with the EJ1N-HFU-ETN Module Mapping of the MX2 Inverter Drive flex in the Output and Input Allocation.
Click OK and Download the Configuration Settings into the CJ1W-PNT21.



2. Wiring (Modbus)



3. Set the Modbus Parameters for the MX2

Start CX-Drive, Select the MX2 Inverter and set the parameters for the motor and application. Set the required Parameters for Modbus communication;

A001 = 4 (Modbus)
A002 = 4 (Modbus)
C071 = 10 (115200bps)
C074 = 1 (Even)
C075 = 0 (Tripping)
C077 = 2.00 (Error Timeout Time)
C102 = 3 (Reset Mode: Reset Trip Only)

Pn C076 sets how the Inverter/Motor reacts on communication loss.
Pn C077 sets the Error Time-Out Time.

If Modbus is to slow for Start/Stop then use the standard I/O (A002) for Start/Stop and use the Modbus for Frequency Reference and Inverter Information.



4. CX-Programmer

Create Symbols conform the Output and Input Allocation of the CJ1W-PNT21.

Toggle Watch Window shows the Values and Commands that can be given to the MX2.



5. Attachments

EJ1N-HFU-ETN.cpr CX-ConfiguratorFDT parameter file for the CJ1W-PNT21
EJ1N-HFU-ETN.cxp CX-Programmer file with the In / Out Symbol list
GSDML-V2.2-OMRON-EJ1-PNT-20111128.xml GSDML file for the EJ1N-HFU-ETN
1661902-1A INSTRUCTION SHEET EJ1N-HFU-ETN.pdf  EJ1N-HFU-ETN instruction sheet


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