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Getting Started With Sysmac Studio And NJ501

This article will help you getting started with Sysmac Studio and the NJ501, with a collection of the most helpful resources.
The latest manuals for the NJ501 can be found on the NJ501 Product Page on the "Downloads" tab.
The latest manuals for Sysmac Studio can be found on the Sysmac Studio Product Page on the "Downloads" tab.
To qualify for software updates and to get the most from your Omron software you should register your software purchase. See How Do I Register My Software? for info.
The latest Sysmac USB drivers at the time of manufacture are included on the DVD, but are available in the myOMRON downloads. See Where Are The Latest Omron USB Drivers?.
Check out our new Sysmac Automation Platform area for backgound information about the whole platform.
Online Support
For online support, register on Registered users can post questions to Omron employees. For details read:
Registering in myOMRON
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Created 2011-12-16
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