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How To Communicate To NJ and CJ2 From CX-Supervisor Using Ethernet/IP

From CX-Supervisor version 3.22 there is full, integrated support for Ethernet/IP (EIP) devices. This includes support for browsing for a device on your network and browsing for network tags on the device and using them in your application. This version is freely available to all registered CX-Supervisor v3.x users via an online free upgrade. See How Do I Download Software Updates? for more details.

When you install CX-Supervisor 3.22, the installation of SYSMAC Gateway will immediately follow, which is used for support of EIP devices and the new browsing features.

Adding an EIP Device

Devices are added from the same initial dialog as before, press the device setup icon and choose to 'Add' a new device. This now displays a choice, add a new SYSMAC Device or a CX-Server. Choosing CX-Server allows you to configure devices as in previous versions of CX-Supervisor. You need to choose 'SYSMAC Device' to add a new EIP or Sysmac device:

When you have pressed OK, you will be presented with the new Select SYSMAC Device dialog. You should now browse for Sysmac or EIP devices on the network:


When you have selected the device you want to use from the list, its details will be filled in. You just need to give it a name for using within your application:


Configuring your controller Tags

Controller variables are private by default, and to make accessible you must use Sysmac Studio to change each required global variable's "Network Publish" property to "Publish Only" (or Input or Output it the variable is also to be used in an EIP tag datalink).

Browsing for EIP Network Tags

Now you have an EIP device in your project, the Point Editor will now allow you to browse for network tags on your chosen device. Open the point editor and add a new point, give it a name to use within your application, choose a type of Input, Output or Input/Output and select SYSMAC Device. A new Dialog will be displayed, here you can browse for tags on your chosen, configured Sysmac device:

Choose the correct tag within the list.

Browse functionality will only show points which can be matched with the CX-Supervisor point type, e.g. an integer CX-Supervisor point will only display integer type tags on the SYSMAC Device.

You can now use this Tag within your application using the name you have given it in CX-Supervisor. It will appear on the points list like this:


Updates on this network tag and in your applications point will be communicated depending on your I/O type.

  • Ensure you have set the Network Publish property for the controllers Global Variables properly
  • Use "Tag Monitor" tool from SYSMAC Gateway Console's [Control Panel] tab to connect to the controller. The Tag list window shows the tags available to EIP and can be read/written.
  • Make sure the CX-Supervisor Point Type (Boolean/Integer) match the expected controller type (BOOL/INT etc)
  • Check the CX-Supervisor Error log for any connection or communication errors

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