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How To Setup NJ With CJ1W-SCU42

How to Setup NJ with CJ1W-SCU42

The NSH5 does not have the option of variable exchange. But it is possible to use the NSH5 with a CJ1W-SCU42.
Principle of operation is to specify the SYSMAC variable to an equal address of the NSH5 variable.
Note: Consider the two variables ( NJ and NSH5) if there are changes made in one of them.

Intro of Steps
  1. Create a Project.
  2. CPU Configuration.
  3. CJ1W-SCU42 Parameter settings.
  4. Programming, Internal Variables.
  5. NSH5 Hand-held Programmable Terminal.
  6. Attachments.

This article (NJ501 base) explains how to setup the configuration for the NJ501 with a CJ1W-SCU42 Serial communication unit connecting to a NSH5 Hand-held Programmable Terminal.
All the samples used in this article are attached.

Program Versions; Sysmac Studio Version 1.0, CX-Server Version 5.0, CX-Designer Version 3.3

1. Create a Project

Create a New Project in Sysmac Studio.


2. CPU Configuration

Double Click on the CPU/Expansion Rack.
Drag en Drop the CJ1W-SCU42.
Click on Edit Special Unit Settings.


3. CJ1W-SCU42 Parameter settings.

Set the parameters of the CJ1W-SCU42 communication unit Port 2.
: Port settings = User settings
: Serial communication mode = NT Link (1:N)
: Data length = 7 bits
: Stop bits = 2 bits
: Parity = Even
: Baud rate = High-Speed NT Link


4. Programming, Internal Variables.

Detailed information in manual W501, section 6-3-8.
Data type will then be anything available format. Important is AT command is %D...%W


5. NSH5 Hand-held Programmable Terminal.

Create a Program for the NSH5 Hand-held Terminal and verify the communication settings with CX-Designer.


6. Attachments.

How to Setup NJ with CJ1W-SCU42.smc Sysmac Studio file.
NJ_SCU42_NSH5.IPP CX-Designer file.

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