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How Can I Fix Software Installation Problems?


These days you can often find that Windows programs have not installed or uninstalled correctly. This can happen with any programs and you usually find it starts to create further problems for installing other software packages.

Fixing installation errors

If you are experiencing the following messages:

  • "Please wait while Windows configures..."
  • "The Feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable"
  • "Error 1706"

then please check out this article first: Why Do I Get "Please Wait While Windows Configures..." Message?

Full reinstallation method

To be completely sure of a full restoration, the only guaranteed method is to fully reinstall the software completely:

1) Close all open applications
2) Uninstall the software from Control Panel->Programs and Features. If the problem is with CX-One or Sysmac Studio you uninstall ALL Omron packages in the following order:
- CX-Server Driver Management Tool, selecting [Yes] to uninstall all drivers.
- CX-Server
- CX-One
- Sysmac Studio
- Communications Middleware
3) Rebooting of the computer is only necessary if promoted to.
4) To clean any left over files or registry settings run the latest CXORemover tool from the myOMRON Downloads or from the folder on your installation DVD
5) Reinstall your software
6) Recheck for latest autoupdates

Alternative tools

For other installation issues, Microsoft recognise this as a common problem and have created a diagnostic and recovery tool to help clean up partially installed or uninstalled software. To try out this Microsoft tool see Diagnose and fix program installing and uninstalling problems automatically.

If you still have installations problems after that please raise a question to get direct support.


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