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PROFINET Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide is to allow a new user to PROFINET to attach PROFINET I/O to an Omron PLC and configure it to work.

PROFINET products supported in this guide are
  • CJ1W-PNT21 PROFINET I/O Controller for CJx series PLC’s
  • CS1W-PNT21 PROFINET I/O Controller for CS1 series PLC’s
  • GRT1-PNT PROFINET I/O Device – Smart Slice Bus coupler
  • A PC computer with both Serial/USB and Ethernet (via PROFINET) connection to Omron PLC.
  • Omron CX-One V3.x or V4.x installed and up to date using CX-One Auto Update utility. CX-One suite contains the utility application ‘CX-Configurator FDT’ for configuring and setting PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices.
  • PLC & I/O Controller and IO Devices (at least one) for configuration.
  • I/O table on PLC should be created using CX-Programmer.
  • It is recommended that the PROFINET network is ‘stand alone’. This means not part of a larger network.
  • The network speed must be 100MBaud. Using a 10BaseT hub will not allow the network to operate correctly.
  • If you wish to use switching hubs as part of the network, we recommend that these are managed switches and of an industrial nature (e.g. Hirschmann).
Connection of devices for configuration
  • To configure the I/O controller – use a serial or USB connection from PLC to PC.
  • To configure the I/O devices – connect a network cable to the last I/O device (in case of GRT1-PNT).

Typical initial connection diagram….

Configuration outline
  1. Create IO Table in CX-Programmer (for new CJ1W-PNT21/CS1W-PNT21)
  2. Create the network topology in CX-Configurator FDT
  3. Set ‘names’ in real IO Devices using Ethernet connection (Search Devices)
  4. Set same names of IO Devices to IO Controller in network topology
  5. Download Configuration of IO Devices to IO Controller (via Serial connection)
  6. Restart system to finish configuration (IO Controller connects to IO Devices)


Configuring individual Smart Slice parameters

To configure/setup parameters on individual Smart Slices (e.g. changing range on an Analogue input from 0V-5V to 4mA-20mA), CX-Configurator FDT must be connected to the Profinet using an Ethernet connection (same connection to set ‘names’). It is not currently possible to use another communication option (e.g. via USB on PLC CPU).

To view the full article with example 'screen shots' and more detailed information, please see the pdf attachment "Profinet_Quick_Start_Guide_V1_01.pdf".
See also
For more detailed information about PROFINET IO setup, configuration and operation please refer to the relevant Omron manuals and support information:-

W12E-EN-xx CJ1W-PNT21 Operation Manual
W16E-EN-xx CS1W-PNT21 Operation Manual
W13E-EN-xx GRT1-PNT Operation Manual
PROFINET Naming and TCP/IP addressising Technical Note (see attachment below)
or use to search Knowledge and Downloads for more PROFINET articles. 



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