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Why Can't CX-Supervisor 3.1 Developer Create A Working Project For CX-Supervisor 3.0 ME?

CX-Supervisor Developer can create projects targeted at various versions of the Runtime. However a limitation has been found in CX-Supervisor v3.1 which means it is not possible to create a CX-Supervisor v3.0 Machine Edition project. This problem only affect CX-Supervisor Developer 3.1 - earlier and later versions are not affected.


The upgrade path from CX-Supervisor Runtime version 3.0 to v3.1 is free so we recommend you upgrade your runtime system, free of charge to CX-Supervisor Runtime 3.1. Applications can be created in v3.1 Machine Edition without problems, just choose "CX-Supervisor Machine Edition" from the drop down menu. This will now avoid the problem

For more information on this feature, please see the following article:

How To Use 'Target Settings' In CX-Supervisor

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Created 2010-12-15
Modified 2010-12-15
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