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How Do I Resolve Access Denied To The CX-Server Project File in CX-Supervisor

Sometimes when you try to create and run a CX-Supervisor runtime application, you can be presented with the following error:

"Access To The CX-Server Project Has Been Denied. The Project File Is Either Set To Read Only Or Is Invalid"

This error is caused by CX-Supervisor being unable to write to the CX-Server project file (.cdm) which could be the result of an ungraceful exit of CX-Supervisor (maybe using 'end task' from task manager) or the file being set to read only.

You should close all Omron software and kill CX-Server processes in task manager, these may be some or all of the following:

  • cdmsvr20.exe
  • cxdbms.exe
  • cxsdi_portman.exe

Now ensure that the files in the CX-Supervisor project folder are all set to read/write.



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Created 2010-10-14
Modified 2010-10-14
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