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How To Transfer Your Program To Or From The CP1L, CP1H Without A Computer

You can upload and download programs to a CP1 PLC using a PC but sometimes this is not ideal, for example:
  • You want to transfer a program direct from one CP1 direct to another (e.g. maintenance replacement)
  • Commissioning environment is not laptop friendly
  • You cannot buy a laptop and software licence for every engineer
  • You need to post a new program to the end user
  • You need a simple and quick process
In these situations you can use the CP1W-ME05M Memory Cassette with the CP1L or CP1H to upload and download programs
Using memory cassette

Use the CP1W-DAM01 LCD Option Board together with the CP1W-ME05M Memory Cassette to upload or download programs to the CP1L or CP1H. This procedure requires no cables, no computer, and no software experience. The steps below guide you through this process.


CP1W-DAM01 +  CP1W-ME05M


Before Beginning the Transfer

The memory cassette and LCD option board should be mounted in the PLC. Always turn off the power supply to the CPU Unit and wait until all the operation indicators go out before installing or removing the LCD option board and/or the memory cassette. Dip switch 4 should be ON to configure the option port 1* communication settings for the CP1W-DAM01.

When the CPU Unit power is turned ON, the LCD Option Board will initialize hardware and check EEPROM, then check communication between the LCD Option Board and the CPU Unit. If startup is normal, the LCD will display the Clock Screen similar to this:


1. Press the OK + ESC buttons simultaneously to switch to the main menu [MENU]:



2. The PLC needs to be in Program mode before we begin the transfer. Press the OK button to select >Mode:


3. There is a choice of 3 PLC modes; RUN/MON/PRG. Press the Down button to select >PROGRAM, then press OK:



Loading Data from or to a Memory Cassette

1. Press ESC to display the Main Menu [MENU]:

2. Press the down button and select >MC, then press OK:


3. In the [MC] menu we can transfer from the Memory Cassette to the PLC (>MC -> PLC) or from the PLC to the Memory Cassette (>PLC->MC). See *additional notes below for Autboot PRG/RUN details shown after selecting MC->PLC. Arrow up/down, then press OK to select your desired function:


4. Press the down button to select >OK, then press OK. Warning-this will overwrite the data in the destination device!:


5. The transfer will begin and display current progress:


6. When the loading is finished, Complete will be displayed:



  • The Compare menu option can be used to verify the content of the memory cassette and the PLC before a transfer is initiated.
  • AUTBOOT PRG: The PLC will enter program mode after loading program from the memory cassette immediately after power up (PLC dip switch settings are configured for Auto Transfer: ON).
  • AUTBOOT RUN: The PLC will enter run mode after loading program from the memory cassette immediately after power up (PLC dip switch settings are configured for Auto Transfer: ON).
  • The CP1W-DAM01 is not compatible with CP1E hardware.
  • The CP1W-DAM01 is only mountable in option port 1.
  • For more information about additional CP1W-DAM01 functions, troubleshooting, and other details see CP1L Operation Manual W462.
  • This information was current as of July 2010. Please consult documentation or your Omron representative for more detail on any new features.


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