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How To Connect NQ HMI To Omron PLC Using Hostlink Protocol


This article describes the initial connection between a NQ HMI and a PLC using Hostlink protocol.

For the example below a NQ3-TQ000B and a CP1L PLC will be used.

Cables required for a good connection are:

NQ-CN222 or NQ-CN521 to connect to CP1W CIF01 or directly to CJ1M PLC. For pin-outs of these cables look in the appendix of the introduction manual (V07-EN-0*). NQ-CN221 is also available for connection to the mini-peripheral connector for CJ1.


  1. Create a new application.
  2. Go to COM tab or nodes folder and add Host link protocol and appropiate PLC (standard communication settings ,9600,1,7,2,E).
  3. After clicking add you will see following been created in Nodes folder:

    Important: Default node number is 1
  4. Create a PLC tag in the tagdatabase, example CIO 100.
  5. Open screen 1 and place a Numeric Data Entry on the screen.
  6. Assign the created PLC tag to the Numeric data entry.
  7. Download application AND firmware into the NQ


  1. Create a new application
  2. Got to PLC Settings, Serial Port and select Mode Host link and standard settings.
  3. Go to unit number and change to 1:

  4. Download changed settings to PLC.


After connecting the correct cable to the communication will be established which will result in a steady Blue RUN led on the NQ.
The Numeric datadisplay will show the value of CIO100 of the PLC.

Attached you will find a small sample application for NQ3 and Hostlink setting. In this program also CIO100 is used to display the value.
Pressing the + or - buttons will increase / decrease the value of CIO100. On a CP1L PLC you will directly see the result in as outputs will be switched on or off.

Also an empty PLC program (CP1L empty) for CP1L-L PLC is added for correct settings.

Downloading both NQ3 and PLC sample program to your hardware AND using the correct cable should result in a working data exchange between PLC and NQ3.



CP1L_empty.cxp - Size: 1367
Hostlink_NQ3.nqp - Size: 273383

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