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Remote Programming of CS1 Board PLC

System Diagram:

Hardware and Software for this example:

Dyalox PC (PC 1)
- Windows XP Embedded version 2002, Service Pack 2
- FinsGateway Version 2003 Embedded
- FinsGateway Version 2003 Embedded (SYSMAC CS1 Board) – included with CS1 Board hardware/Dyalox combination package.

Remote PC (PC 2)
CX-Programmer v9.10 or later
CX-Server v4.4 or later

Setup and configuration steps

Install the CS1 board PLC. Refer to manual V220, “SYSMAC CS1 Board Operation Manual”

If not already installed as part of the CS1 Board hardware/Dyalox combination package, then install FinsGateway Version 2003 Embedded and FinsGateway Version 2003 Embedded Edition (SYSMAC CS1 Board) on the Dyalox PC 1. Be sure to select the Ethernet feature and the CS1SYS feature during installation of these two programs.

After installing the software, start the FinsGateway service manager and view the settings. Your installation should resemble the image below.


FinsGateway Settings for PC 1

Make sure the CPU_UNIT and ETN_UNIT and CS1SYS_UNIT0 services are running (click “Start” if not). CS1SYS_UNIT(0,1,2 or 3) will depend on the board installation in the Dyalox. Choose the correct board for your specific application if multiple boards are present.

Settings of the ETN_UNIT

Set the ETN_UNIT by selecting Networks and Units, then selecting Local Network 1(Ethernet) and click Properties. Go to the Network Settings tab and make the following settings*:

*NOTE: Although not mandatory, by convention the Local Node Address is usually made the same as the last digits of the IP address.

Check the Communications Unit Settings tab and verify these settings:

Go to the UDP nodes tab and add two nodes corresponding with both PC’s. After clicking OK, restart ETN_UNIT by clicking yes:


Set the SYSMAC CS1 Board by selecting Networks and Units, then select Local Network 2 (Cs1Sys) and click Properties. Go to the Network tab and make the following settings.

After clicking OK, restart the CS1SYS_UNITX service by clicking yes. Finally, click yes to update the routing tables.

The Network and Unit Settings window should appear like this:

Now, you are ready to attempt a connection from the remote PC using CX-Programmer. Launch CX-Programmer and create a new project on PC 2.


Enter the PLC Device Name, Device Type (CS1G-H, CPU45), and Network Type as Ethernet.

 Click Settings for the Network Type. In the Network tab, make the following settings:

In the Driver tab, enter the IP of PC 1 as as shown:

Click OK, OK, and then PLC -> Work Online!

Additional things to check if problems appear:

1. Did FinsGateway install the correct drivers and components?

  • There is a specific driver for the CS1 Board PLC. This must be installed for FinsGateway to communicate with the PCI installed board. See below for successful Control Panel driver installation view.

2. Is there a Firewall on PC 1? Firewalls may prevent incoming requests from CX-Programmer over Ethernet.

3. Are all the proper services running? CPU_UNIT, NameSpaceServer, ETN_UNIT, and CS1SYS_UNIT(X) must all be running at the time of connection.

4. Are the IP addresses of PC1 and PC2 configured for static? Dynamic settings may cause issues with node/IP assignments within the FinsGateway configuration for the above example.

5. Do you have the correct version of FinsGateway for the Dyalox?

  • See below for software components installed for this example:



Additional notes regarding FinsGateway software and installation

Software that includes the required FinsGateway installer:

- CX-Supervisor v3
- CX-Server OPC v2
- CX-Compolet
- CX-Reporter
- SYSMAC Gateway

When the Dyalox/CS1 Board combination package is purchased this will include the FinsGateway Version 2003 Embedded (SYSMAC CS1 Board) installer that provides the necessary additional drivers required for the PCI installed hardware shown above.

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