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Why Is NE1A-SCPU01L Not Shown In The Network Configurator?

The problem why the NE1A-SCPU01L or NE1A-SCPU02L is not in the "Network Configurator" is that the EDS file may be installed incorrectly. Here is how you can fix it:

1: Go to the EDS catalog and change the end to .eds.


2: After changing the extension from ed_ to eds, go to the Network Configurator and install the eds files.

3: Even an icon can be added, and you can find them under the the folder:      C:\Program Files\OMRON\Network Configurator\Icon\Sys



4: After this steps you have added the NE1A-SCPU01L to your Network Configurator.


These 4 steps have now added the NE1A-SCPU01L type to the catalog so this device can now be added to your network.


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Created 2010-03-23
Modified 2010-06-10
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