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Refresh-FB For Modbus Communication CJ/CS/CP1L To MV/RV/V7AZ/F7Z/E7Z/L7Z/V1000

Attached there is a smaller version of the function block from the library _INV002_Refresh.cxf

It is for following inverter types: MV/RV/V7AZ/F7Z/E7Z/L7Z/V1000

The FB is over 1600 Steps smaller than before, you will have much more space left for the main program.

It supports 31 inverters.

It has an improved error handling:

If there is no communication, all status bits of that inverter will be turned off and only the error bit 15 will be turned on.


CS1_V31_ex1.cxp - Size: 42246
INV002_Refresh_V31.cxf - Size: 17778
INV002_Refresh_V31.pdf - Size: 8399820

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Created 2010-03-11
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