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How Do I Export A Data Log To JPG In CX-Supervisor V3 VBScript?

You need to add the following line of VBScript to your script...

RunApplication("C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-Supervisor\DataLogViewer.exe /export /file ""D:\Customer Projects\loggingdb1.mdb"" /outfile ""web.jpg"" /type jpg /quality 80")
loggingdb1.mdb is the filename of the data you want to see as the jpg (This must be in the correct format for the Data Log Viewer). This can also be a DLV file (the native format for DLV).
web.jpg is the destination jpeg filename.
Note: The double sets of quotes are required VBScript syntax

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Created 2010-02-19
Modified 2010-03-11
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